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    Why Duplicate Citation Listings Matter for Local SEO & How to Fix Them

    One of the most common ranking issues, duplicates business listings haunt SEO agencies and local business owners alike. Apart from the fact that duplicate listings affect search rankings, it also confuses your potential customers. Often, data sources have misleading & inaccurate information that gets picked up by aggregators. But, there are also other reasons for a business to have duplicate listings -

    1. If listings are being added by a marketing agency, they must ensure the removal of old/inaccurate listings while adding a new listing simultaneously. But, this is usually not the case.

    2. Customers who have visited the business would have added inaccurate information.

    Whatever be the reason, duplicates are BAD! Major search engines view duplicates as spam and if the duplicate listing with incorrect information ranks higher than the accurate listing, customers might not be able to reach you!

    Identifying duplicates will take a lot of time and is a hassle. You will have to check each directory, keep track of all the changes and ensure a correct listing is created. Removing duplicate listings can be a pain as each directory has its own verification method.

    With Synup's duplicate suppression feature, you can view all duplicate listings present on a particular site. For us to start working on removing the duplicate listings, all you have to do is select the most accurate listing from the dashboard. Our customers love this feature because of how it makes listings management much easier for them!

    If you have tried Synup's duplicate suppression feature, let us know your comments! Also, are there any better ways to remove duplicates manually?
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    Re: Why Duplicate Citation Listings Matter for Local SEO & How to Fix Them

    Duplicates, the bane of my existence.

    Great topic Aarthi and much needed!

    You guys have any other tips for dealing with citation dupes???
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