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    2 Locations. 2 Different Services. Same Product. No Categories.

    I'm in the "green" industry.

    I was looking at a client who has two locations, each with a different service. One is Recreational and the other is Medical. They are approximately 30 miles apart.

    The only difference between rec and med products is the percentage level of ingredients and the way in which you purchase.

    The category is Alternative Medicine Practitioner. I've never tested adding a different cat for each location as I feel it won't matter anyway.

    I used to always search for "city + dispensary" for medical pre 2014. Now I have to include "city + medical dispensary" in order to get somewhat relevant results for medical.

    The main issue is medical is ranking for recreational. Over the past year or so I have noticed many medical keywords queries being gobbled up by recreational queries.

    I made some on-page adjustments to make it more noticeable it was med instead of rec for users and Google.

    I'm also adding more on-page reviews for unique content to assist in semantic search. However, I'm wondering how easy this will be since they are so similar. LSI is a b*%ch in this scenario.

    I have made changes about 3 weeks ago. I feel as though I'm seeing some positive results thus far.

    Hopefully Google will see the difference via user signals and on-page signals. I will give it a few months.

    If anyone has any advice or input I would greatly appreciate it.

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