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    SAB W/ Hidden Address - Do they count as a citation in ranking juice?

    So if I go and hide my yelp etc. address along with my GMB profile, will that still count as a citation in Google's eyes?

    Or do you just need Name, Website, Phone Number now days?

    Or do you still need full NAP ?

    Please help!!
    Thanks Yall!
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    Re: SAB W/ Hidden Address - Do they count as a citation in ranking juice?

    I'd be interested to hear other people weigh in on this. One thing I will say though: maybe 6 months back I did a fairly extensive study of photographers, I looked at a few thousand 3 packs across a number of cities and keywords. The number of SABs in the 3-pack were no different than the number overall. A proper data scientist would have been able to pull more solid conclusions out of the chaos, but from what I saw at least, being an SAB didn't seem to be a detriment (or an advantage) to ranking. Given the number of SABs in that industry with hidden addresses everywhere, my personal belief is that Google's smart enough to connect the dots for the relevant citation sites, even if some information is missing in some of those locations.

    I think it's oversimplifying though to say 'you only need name, website, and phone these days'. A better way to put it might be something like: Google's smart enough to sift through all their information, and make reasonable conclusions based on what they're seeing. A partial citation on a worthwhile site, especially if there's a reason why a piece of that information might be missing (The business is an SAB on Google itself) shouldn't trip Google up.

    Whenever it's appropriate use full NAP. If you or your client has privacy concerns, then hide your address instead. As long as you're on your game everywhere else, it shouldn't hold you back.

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    Re: SAB W/ Hidden Address - Do they count as a citation in ranking juice?

    I imagine it doesn't degrade the rating of the citation to have the address hidden.
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