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    Question Recommended Best Setup - Like a franchise

    I started working on a new project that looks like a mess. The client said before she took over the marketing agency didnt complete the project. When I did the initial analysis I was shown 32 locations, the full depth of the project was thrown at me once I had agreed to the job.

    a little overwhelmed with the unstructured setup and how best to move forward organising the locations.

    I can see what the agency was trying to do but looks like half finished job. They were trying to consolidate all locations into a branded and verified account but only 32 locations were moved to this account.

    The goal was to consolidate all locations into one main account for easy management for the client.

    The accounts are spread across branded emails, gmails and individual location primary page owners addresses. I have invited the main client email to be an owner of each account

    the email that the client wants to shut down is bulk verified but terribly setup.

    • Not all location branded the same
    • Not primary owner
    • Some unverified listings

    See the below image

    Name:  Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 11.10.25 AM.jpg
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    My thoughts are to move all locations into the main client account (119 locations) and transferring ownership to that email address and then removing the other email addresses the client doesnt use any more.

    What are my options?
    Take a punt that Google support can guide me?
    Plead my case to Bulk Verify Gods?
    Rebuild all locations from scratch under the new brand account?

    I have a deadline for this coming Monday, If anyone can assist with some guide how to piece together the consolidation it would be appreciated, or if there is someone I need to speak to happy to book a consult.

    Thanks a bunch

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    Re: Recommended Best Setup - Like a franchise

    Hi Shane,

    Sorry you have not gotten an answer yet. I think this is really too big of a question for anyone on a forum to advise you on based on this amount of info. I think a consultant would need to log in and ask a bunch of questions to get enough of the big picture to give you and answer. Especially since with GMB one thing depends on another thing, which is related to something else and you have multiple issues on many of these accounts it seems.

    I don't do consulting any more, but I know of a multi-location specialist that I could refer you to. However they are likely busy and/or away at a conference so could not get with you by Monday.
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    Re: Recommended Best Setup - Like a franchise

    what did you end up doing here, shane? curious

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