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    Important Citation Foundational Concepts & Info

    Darren from WhiteSpark just did a very informative piece about citations, so I wanted to share it with the group.

    What is a Citation?

    Topics include:

    .:. What is a Citation?

    .:. Why Do Citations Matter?

    .:. Structured Citations

    .:. Unstructured Citations

    .:. Finding Structured AND Unstructured Citations

    .:. Not All Citations Are Created Equal

    He links to several other top resources. This looks like a good post to bookmark and share with clients too who are asking questions about citations.
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

    If you benefit from advice here... Please pay the community back by sharing on social OR helping someone else at the forum. Thank you!

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    Re: Important Citation Foundational Concepts & Info

    Thanks for sharing this Linda!
    Darren Shaw | Whitespark Founder | @DarrenShaw_ | Google+

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    Re: Important Citation Foundational Concepts & Info

    Darren, nice article. Linda, thank you for sharing it over here.

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