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    9 Local SEO Experts Share 1 Secret to Local Search Success - Search Engine Journal

    Local SEO is more important than ever. Thatís why youíre always looking for the best techniques to dominate in the local search rankings and maximize your online visibility.

    To provide insight into whatís working for local SEOs today, I reached out to my network of search industry experts and asked them a simple question: What is your number one secret for local SEO success? Here are their responses.
    Just sharing a post from Search Engine Journal that I thought could provoke a good discussion here. Admittedly I have not read the whole thing and there are a lot of faces I don't know, so there could possibly be some different viewpoint than we are used to hearing about. For instance there are some interesting tips here:

    8. Conduct a Gap Analysis -Lukasz Zelezny, uSwitch

    So take a peek, then come back to share any observations or new success tips you have.
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: 9 Local SEO Experts Share 1 Secret to Local Search Success - Search Engine Journa

    I think most of the tips are pretty standard, but the gap analysis from Lukasz is on point.

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    Re: 9 Local SEO Experts Share 1 Secret to Local Search Success - Search Engine Journa

    Thanks for sharing this. Yes, keyword analysis is something that really resonates with many clients. I also do a page speed gap analysis video using WebPageTest ( which gives a visual side by side comparison of their site loading time against selected competitor's sites.

    Regarding link building, good stuff there, but the caveat is to be selective. Avoid building links from poor quality sites. That might seem obvious to most but just thought I'd throw that in there. Also, I might suggest preferred anchor text when asking for links. Of course the idea is to avoid artificial-looking anchor text, but no harm in suggesting the preferred name of the business for consistency's sake, for example.

    Linda Ferguson
    Technical SEO Strategist

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