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    Can Customers Change Their Google Review of a Business?

    I advised my client that she received a one star review and asked if it was a real client, and if so, how to respond.

    the reviewer is a 14 year old who was in with her mom and originally gave 5 stars (screenshot available as proof), then changed it to 1! The mom says that everything was great; no problems.

    The daughter says she did not change the review. Can one change a review after it is left?

    It's not a huge deal my client has all 5 stars but this is a bit scary. My client will leave a message along the lines that "glad everything was great and sorry your 5 star got changed to a 1 star".

    Insights appreciated!

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    Re: Can Customers Change Their Google Review of a Business?

    Of course, customers can always edit their reviews. One of the primary reasons to respond to negative reviews even is to see if you can work out a customer's negative experience, and one of the benefits of that, is that they may change or delete their review if they've reflected and find their old feelings no longer apply.

    Sounds like someone edited it. If the client has direct communication with the customer, it might be worth it to send instructions on how to fix her review to more accurately reflect her experience.

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