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    Great new Local Post on the Moz Blog - Thanks Miriam!

    Miriam wrote a great article on the moz blog here:

    She covers a lot of ground in local SEO mistakes, and gives some good advice how to overcome it. Check it out when you have the chance
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    Re: Great new Local Post on the Moz Blog - Thanks Miriam!

    Hey Eric, thanks so much for sharing. Miriam rocks when it comes to local search tips.
    Can't wait to read after I get moved.
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: Great new Local Post on the Moz Blog - Thanks Miriam!

    Sincere thanks, Eric, for the very kind mention, and to Linda for the kind words.

    That was a real download of my brain, covering so many missteps I've seen local businesses accidentally make that have resulted in them getting all tangled up. I've heard from a couple of owners/agencies so far that the list helped them catch some mistakes they'd made, so that's really positive!

    I'm grateful to you, Eric, for highlighting my article here.
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