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    Question Experience with Google Business Websites? Any negatives?

    Does anyone have experience with Google Business Websites? Is there any down side? We already have a website with individual webpages for each location. What do you suppose happens if we add a Google Website? Of course I don't want to monkey with what we have without some more info. Is it a citation? A (nofollow) backlink? Cannibalization problems? Dupe content?

    Has anyone had experience with this? Thanks!

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    Re: Experience with Google Business Websites? Any negatives?

    I haven't played with Google's Site tool much yet, but it's basically a solution for business owners who can't afford to get a proper website made for their business. They're simple, basic, limited in their customization, but will still be more than good enough for many business owner needs, especially in industries or regions of the world that still have a ton of businesses that still don't have a proper site.

    Do not build one for 'backlinks' or 'a citation'. If you have a website already, you don't need a Google Site. If you're using your Facebook page in your Google My Business profile for lack of a better option, you should consider a Google Site if you can't afford the time or money to develop something better.

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