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Thread: Bing Ranking

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    Bing Ranking

    I am ranking pretty good in Google but i barley found my self on Bing with the same keywords.

    I found out most of the ranking factors are the same and this is why i don't get it.

    One major factor i notice specially in my industry (garage doors) is the domain name but of course i cant change it and i really don't want to create a new website.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Bing Ranking

    I have the same problem.

    Apart from brand queries most of the websites struggle in Bing's search results.

    One reason I could possibly attribute is the lack of importance Bing gives in Europe countries. Even Bing Places is available for 15 countries and most European countries are excluded.

    Except verifying each website through Bing Webmaster Tools I really do not have any other good suggestion.

    Bing should definitely improve its search algorithm to give weight to other countries too.


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    Re: Bing Ranking

    Really, Bing is dodgy for North American sites other than the US too - one of the reasons they will continue to lag behind Google.

    I wonder if they've given up on search.

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