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    Google new Q&A on Mobile

    Any insight or recommendations for administering new Q&A on mobile for enterprise? I manage 200+ corporate owned locations. Must I administer on my mobile phone? Are there no desktop tools to help me administer the new Q&A functionality. I see tons of benefit to this new feature but the administration as far as I can tell, might be a total nightmare for corporations. Thank you for any suggestions you can provide.

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    Re: Google new Q&A on Mobile

    At the present there isn't an effective way to manage Q and A in bulk.

    As Mike said in this article - Google Rolling Out Questions & Answers

    Q: We have hundreds of businesses, how can we post common questions to all of our location listings?

    A: Brute force, one at a time

    Q: We have hundreds of locations how can we monitor questions.

    A: Buy your staff Androids and man the bunkers. If you are lucky, since it is initially limited to Android Maps, there will be few.
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    Re: Google new Q&A on Mobile

    I manage a lot of locations too.

    I don't know if I see it as an advantage as much as a nightmare. The questions are already coming in fast. You could have one person answering all the questions.

    I see some off the wall questions that people could call and get an answer for. But now everyone wants to text.

    I could see where this will lead to a FAQ section. The good news is I see some people doing a good job of answering these questions before we do.

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