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    Potential Legal Citations/Links searchs via Regex

    I don't know whether I am barking up the wrong tree here (certainly has happened before). In looking at how I can get high quality links as a lawyer, I have heard/read that getting links for local and state bar associations is very good. As I examine my state bar, I am trying to determine what activity (article, volunteer work, etc) would be worth my time in generating a good link to my website. For example, I know that my state bar magazine accepts lawyer articles for publication. The credit for the lawyer /author at then end of the article, however, never includes a link or mention of the lawyer's website. It occurs to me that the time and effort to complete and submit an article could do me no good citation/link wise.

    It also occurs to me that it would great to be able to search my bar associations with regex for a url link to see if there is some area of contribution and involvement that would result in a good link. In other words, things other lawyers in different fields have done that generated a good bar association link. Is that a good or goofy idea?

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    Re: Potential Legal Citations/Links searchs via Regex

    Although I agree that getting links from bar associations is a good idea since they are relevant in the space to look at it purely from SEO lens I can't imagine that they are better than getting links from other sources that are trust worthy.

    Said otherwise that if you check the rank of the bar association website using one of SEO tools the backlink from the bar association would be worth as much if it came from another source with equal rank.

    Of course you might miss out on any referrals from clients who are actually searching the bar association page.

    Again purely from SEO lens you should keep in mind if you are getting dofollow or nofollow links.

    Good luck

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