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    Emulate Location to Street Level to Check Google Local Rankings - Chrome Extension

    Hi guys, wanted to share a new post from our G+ Local Search Pros group.

    Andy Simpson:

    Fake Location on Desktop

    This isn't new but some of you may not be aware of this simple Chrome extension for faking your location within Chrome .i.e. tricking Google. Yes, I know there are some great tools to fake your location to city level (+BrightLocal) BUT they don't fake your location to what I suppose you could call street level location.

    The extension allows you to see what your actual users might be seeing from one side of town compared to the other side of town. I use it to replicate what...

    Manual Geolocation
    Override HTML5 GeoLocation API and return an arbitrary location.

    View post

    Thanks for sharing Andy!

    Andy shares another tool too to view locations on mobile.

    Has anyone else tried either of these? Or do you use something else our members may not know about?

    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Note: Due to mulitple RSI injuries, pardon short replies. Typos? Blame it on "Dragon".

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    Re: Emmulate Location to Street Level to Check Google Local Rankings - Chrome Extensi

    Just tried this out... and it's pretty cool.
    I was able to see when Google stops showing a local map for certain search queries, for example. For one keyword I was looking at just now, they stop showing a map in the SERPs about 10 miles away from the local business. This is ultra-frustrating, especially in Texas, where from one town to another it will be 10-15 miles. We typically drive a large distance just to go shopping in another town because that service or product isn't available in one town.

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    Re: Emmulate Location to Street Level to Check Google Local Rankings - Chrome Extensi

    Thanks for sharing Linda, I actually use the mobile app more for quick tests but this extension seems to do the trick for desktops.

    This all started from seeing the increase in "near me" queries in my GSC data and I wanted to find a quick way of testing what our users were seeing.

    Thanks again and happy holidays!👍

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