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    I have GMB but not populating on "seo scans"

    I own a small SAB and have set up a GMB page, verified, has reviews, pictures, I post to it and pulls up on the SERP and local 3pack. I have had it up for nearly 2 years now.

    When I do a generic Free SEO scan from someone like Manta, it says I don't have a GMB and have had this a few other sites. I am working on building up some citations.

    I have triple checked for proper NAP and it is all correct. Says it is verified and published.

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    Re: I have GMB but not populating on "seo scans"

    Hard to say without knowing specifics. It's possible the tools are looking for a different syntax of the NAP info you provided, or maybe they're finding duplicates? Would need to know more information to give a better response.
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