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    How to structure Local service?

    Hello All.

    How do you structure adwords campaign with an existing organic landing pages?


    I had this plumbing client who has existing 5 landing page targeting per suburb

    Organic and existing landing page
    plumbing + suburb 1
    plumbing + suburb 2
    plumbing + suburb 3
    plumbing + suburb 4
    plumbing + suburb 5

    now he wants to try google adwords with the same strategy

    Landing page for adword purposes

    plumbing + suburb 1
    plumbing + suburb 2
    plumbing + suburb 3
    plumbing + suburb 4
    plumbing + suburb 5

    On seo side there is a huge tendency that this pages will be flagged as duplicate.

    1. So how do I approach this kind of scenario?
    2. how do you track conversion per suburb?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to structure Local service?

    If you're worried about duplicate content issues, then noindex the pages. If all the pages have unique content and are highly relevant to the suburbs/areas, then you shouldn't have an issue.

    For PPC, you want a different kind of landing page. You won't have a navigation, and there should be a highly targeted offer to get someone to fill out a form or make a call. There should be a very different strategy in place for PPC than you have running for SEO, but the two should be consistent in messaging.
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