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    How Proximity (and ZIP codes) Impact Local Rankings

    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to share this mini study on the impact of zip codes and proximity on local rankings:

    How Proximity Impacts Law Firm Rankings in Google Juris Digital


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    Re: How Proximity (and ZIP codes) Impact Local Rankings

    Thanks Dillon. What I found most compelling when I was doing the research for this mini-study was that the law firms with the most local search visibility still only showed up the in the 3-pack 14% of the time for the keyword I tested.

    It's essential for law firms and other businesses in competitive markets to diversify their marketing efforts. In markets like the one I examine here, personal injury in Houston, there is simply no such thing as "dominating" local search results.

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    Re: How Proximity (and ZIP codes) Impact Local Rankings

    Thanks so much for sharing Dillon and for researching/writing it Matt!

    I just saw that Joy gave it a rave review in our pro community.
    Any study that comes out of Juris Digital is always good! Can't wait to read it!
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