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    Citation clean up

    I have a local service provider that's been in business for close to 10 years and have used at least 4 addresses.

    Am I better off hiring someone to clean this up?

    Is there a good service I could use to clean this up and remove duplicates?

    If you've used a service, were you satisfied with the results?

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    Re: citation clean up

    Hey Rosette,

    Our service does this. Feel free to check us out.

    On doing this yourself, it's probably a better use of your time to hire it out. Keep in mind though that no service can clean up ALL of the issues on the web with bad data. But I would say you're aiming for 90 - 95% clean up.

    Also, it's likely not all of those addresses made it to the internet. Probably only 1 or 2. So it may not be as bad as you think.

    Finally, no matter what service you use, couple it with Moz Local.

    Good luck!
    Tutelary Marketing, Owner
    Local Listing Ninja - Business Listing Service
    Local Listing Ninja Reviews - Check Out Our 100+ 5 Star Reviews!

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    Re: citation clean up

    Hi Rosette,

    Whitespark also offers a citation audit and cleanup service if you're looking to compare options. Just Google us. You can check out our 179 positive reviews on Google as well.
    Darren Shaw | Whitespark Founder | @DarrenShaw_ | Google+

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