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    Google automatically changing times, phone number on listings?

    Hi Guys,

    We have a business account with Google Places with 50+ locations.

    We are having issues where the Google will automatically update business listings with new phone numbers and change opening times.

    I'm not sure why - as the listing is verified in our account and we want ways to prevent this?

    Also to be notified when Google changes any details on our accounts.

    Any ideas why this happens and how to prevent it?


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    Re: Google automatically changing times, phone number on listings?

    Google asks for feedback from people that visit the location. This could be causing the issue. We have seen instances where hours, services, numbers, and such have been submitted for review.

    Google does notify you that changes need to be reviewed or they are automatically applied. Since you have so many locations this is a big bear. Break you locations up and go in about every two weeks to monitor for changes that have been submitted.

    I hope this helps.

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    Re: Google automatically changing times, phone number on listings?

    I have seen Google auto update business hours too. A client updated their website and changed the hours on their site. Within a few hours Google sent a notice that they updated the hours on the GMB listing.
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