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    Duplicates all over

    There is a business I am working with and they have a local llisting, however, the are a practise type business and all previous practitioners who worked their added themselves to google my business creating a load of results with the same address but their own names.

    They have now left, I cant get in touch with them and the local listings are still there. I want to remove the bad listings (there are 4) and leave the 1 legit one.

    Ive tried flagging them as duplicates but I dont get any reply from google, I have a level 9 account I am using to do this but it is not seeming to do anything.

    Does anoyne have any ideas how to approach this?


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    Re: Duplicates all over

    Hi James,

    Joy has written a lot about this issue. Here's one of her latest:
    The Proper Way To Deal with Duplicates in Google My Business - Sterling Sky Inc
    (See practitioner listing part)

    And here's another: Best Practices for Practitioner Listings on Google My Business (GMB) - Whitespark

    But there may be one more recent. Plus she's always finding new ways to deal with stuff, so let's see if she reads this and has anything to add tomorrow.
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    Re: Duplicates all over

    Hey James,

    That article Linda referenced is the most up-to-date one. Flagging a listing as a duplicate isn't going to accomplish anything, unfortunately. Practitioner listings won't be considered duplicates by Google since they are allowed.
    Joy Hawkins
    Owner of Sterling Sky
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