I am dealing with a cleaning website that has locations in multiple cities. Each location is owned by a different franchise owner and sometimes that franchise owner has rights to two locations.

Here's my issue - the franchise owner (and therefore their address) is not necessarily based in the same city/cities for which their business is run.

I am working on one city at time to do some optimization and my first city posed a challenge. Owner Joe is owns the franchise of Cleaning Business - City A - but lives in City B!

Owner Jill will own City X and Y but only lives in Z - and does not have rights to do business in city Z... so if there is a franchise owner that lives and cleans in city Z, we have a conflict in Google My Business.

I can't even set up this first location in BrightLocal as I don't have an address yet :-)

My plan was to optimize the website, citations, links, FB of each location... but there is a wrench in my plan already!

Getting a business address in the city seems like the only solution :-)