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    Re-verification on Business Move

    We are temporarily moving locations for 2-4 weeks while our original location building goes through improvements. One of our other location moved before to a location in the same city about 3/4 mile away and we didn't have to reverify. With this other location the new temporary location will be in a neighboring city about 6 miles away. I'm guessing we will have to re-verify because the new temp location isn't as close as our previous location change. Does anyway have an idea what Google's setting is for re-verification. If it's 100% sure we will have to re-verify it won't be worth the hassle to us. Does anyone know if you change address if you can change it back (before verifying new address) to the original address without having to re-verify again. We didn't get the mailing the first try at our original location for some reason so I'm just trying to avoid the hassle. But if you don't have to re-verify when changing back to the previous address then I'll give it a try.

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    Re: Re-verification on Business Move

    What type of business is it? Is it a type of business where people will be requesting directions to the business frequently?

    If not I would probably just leave the address and maybe update the business description and use Google posts to communicate that we've temporarily moved.

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