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    GMB Comparison Tool (& Facebook too) - Does it exist any more?

    Hi folks,

    Hunting for some software that can get an a broad overview on competition for a phrase/company. Similar to what Places Scout used to have as their standalone software. I chatted with them today, and they're online monthly but for what I need, I'll only utilize 1/10th of their software.

    I don't need rank tracking or anything else.

    Bright Local, another tool which I use currently, is overkill for the task.

    Looking to get:
    GMB: #pictures, #reviews, Verified Listing, Stars, Category
    Facebook: #reviews, Star rating (nice to have #likes)
    Yelp: #reviews, Star Rating

    So you can see I need just a very small subsection of what Bright Local provides, and Places Scout used to handle much of what I need - but does anyone have any other places?

    Not sure if there's an API / Excel Sheet that can be used to pull data, but even that would be handy!
    Conor Treacy
    Big Red SEO - Omaha, NE

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    Re: GMB Comparison Tool (& Facebook too) - Does it exist any more?

    Pleper doesn't do this for a phrase or category but you could enter each listing. Probably not what you're looking for though.
    Joy Hawkins
    Owner of Sterling Sky
    Author of The Expert's Guide to Local SEO, a 270+ page training manual that is updated monthly and contains advanced tips and tactics for Local SEO that actually work and drive results.

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