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Thread: WikiHow for SEO

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    WikiHow for SEO

    Looking at top tier client competitors in AHREFS with footnote references in wikihow articles. AHREFS showing high DR of 91 for. In looking at wikihow articles, their is not "byline", no identification of the author, though there is a reference in the top right corner to an "Expert Review By" person. So its not clear who the article was done. Was it my client's competitor who foot noted the article to his own website? Or someone else - maybe the "Expert Review By" person who found my client competitor's website to be authoritative?

    Wondering whether I should suggest to client that she author and submit a wikihow article and footnote to her website.

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    Re: WikiHow for SEO

    Hey Larry,

    It's hard to know how exactly how any link is gained if you don't build the link yourself but I would say it's no coincidence that they have that link and rank well.

    It looks like the footnote links on WikiHow are "nofollow" so they won't be passing much of that domain/page authority to your client.

    I would suggest coming up with a plan that consistently creates high quality backlinks for your client.
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