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    Under the Hood with BrightLocal's Founder and CEO

    Managing every aspect of your local business's SEO can take a lot of time, money and effort. How do you stay on top of your local search citations, reviews, and rankings easily and efficiently?

    During this week's Local Marketing Institute Office Hours session, Myles Anderson, Founder & CEO of BrightLocal, and Eric Shanfelt will discuss how you can improve your local SEO and explain how you can use BrightLocal to grow your local business or agency.

    They'll cover how you can use BrightLocal to track your search rankings, convert more visitors into customers, clean up citations, and more.

    This is your opportunity to ask Myles anything you'd like about BrightLocal - including whether someone else's claim about BrightLocal is fact or fiction.

    You can send any questions for Myles in advance to or ask your questions live during the webinar.
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    Riker Jones
    Digital Marketing Coordinator at Local Marketing Institute

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    Re: Under the Hood with BrightLocal's Founder and CEO

    Myles and Eric together? This should be an excellent Webinar!
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: Under the Hood with BrightLocal's Founder and CEO

    Just wanted to add a little more color to this ...

    Some of the top local search experts (like Joy Hawkins) use BrightLocal and highly recommend it. In this webinar, we’ll be taking a behind-the-scenes look at how BrightLocal actually works.

    We’ll talk about BrightLocal’s approach to managing business listings (like human oversight of citation clean-up campaigns), their approach to managing online ratings and reviews, and how they chose to integrate with Google Analytics, GMB reporting, and social media.

    We’ll also talk about how both local businesses and agencies should best use this tool, and dive into the actual pricing and ROI of using BrightLocal versus doing these activities manually.

    BTW, Myles isn’t just the CEO ... he’s also a highly regarded local marketing expert who has done tons of articles, webinars, and studies on the local marketing ecosystem.

    Jump on the webinar with us and ask Myles anything you’d like about BrightLocal or local marketing in general. Please send any questions in advance to or feel free to ask questions live during the webinar.

    Sign up at
    Eric Shanfelt
    Founder & CEO, Local Marketing Institute

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    Re: Under the Hood with BrightLocal's Founder and CEO

    Really looking forward to speaking with you on the webinar Eric, and explaining how our 3000+ agency partners get great value out of using BrightLocal.
    Founder of, the Local Search Tools & Citation Experts

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