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    Local Link Building and Brilliant Map Embed Trick

    Here is a great article about local link building but the map and video embed tricks are especially worth noting and use very out-of-the-box thinking. Could be work well for an article and map of local tourist attractions in that city or whatever. Then just find people to share the embedded map or video.

    Link Building for Small and Local Businesses | Search Engine Journal

    You can use Google Maps to build links really easily. Simply create a custom map with points of interest on it. Then grab the embed code. Now edit the embed code and remove the link to Google maps and replace it with a link to your site. Below is an example from my site – I made a map of ski resorts in Colorado while planning a ski trip.

    What’s really great about this tactic is that you can do it for just about anything. If there is a conference coming to town, make a map of restaurants and coffee shops near the event venue and hotels. You can also do this for local points of interest related to your industry such as bike trails, running routes, breweries, historic landmarks, or simply a collection of local points of interest for tourists.

    Note, in the above code that is edited, we have added attribution to your homepage.

    Once you have your map and embed code, reach out to local blogs and organizations that would be interested in the info and give them the embed code. Remember, you need to tell them what benefit this map provides for their readers or members.
    Click link above to see screen shot and full post. The video embed idea is similar!

    I teach a totally different type of Map Embed trick for helping to rank in "blended" in my on-site Local SEO course. (It's one of my 7 "Local Hooks".) I've never seen anyone else come up with anything even close to it. I get oohs and ahhs when I show it to Local pros I train.

    So you could say I'm kinda into map embed techniques. But this one, although totally different and for a different purpose, I think it's pretty cool too!
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    Re: Local Link Building and Brilliant Map Embed Trick

    Man this seems like it would work for someone like me "a local business"

    I just wish i could find the right SEO person to implement these kinda of IDEAS

    Great Read..............

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