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    SEO Industry Relies On Google's Free Tools

    Industry Survey Underscores How The SEO Industry Relies On Google’s Free Tools
    by Matt McGee, Search Engine Land
    Aug 20, 2012

    If there’s one thing that stands out in the 2012 SEO Industry Survey, it’s that the SEO industry relies heavily on the free SEO-related tools that Google provides.

    SEOmoz released the results of its semi-annual survey today — a survey conducted between March and May that drew responses from almost 6,500 people in more than 100 countries. Almost half of the respondents (47.3 percent) were from the U.S., and 77 percent were males.

    • The top keyword research tool? Google’s AdWords tool. (And Google Insights for Search was second.)
    • The top analytics tool? Google Analytics.
    • Top conversion tool? Google Website Optimizer.
    • Top free SEO tool? Google Webmaster Tools.

    And in each case, there’s not really a close second.

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    Re: SEO Industry Relies On Google’s Free Tools

    Yes, thank you for this. I looked over the results last week - always interesting reading.

    The way I see it is that the FREE Google Tools are the foundation as a source for data. A lot of the paid tools that I use are for going more advanced (analysis) into the data and time saving as well.

    Google Insights for search was mentioned as the 2nd top keyword research tool. It's absolutely beneficial for looking at local search trends.
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