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    Post Are Google Plus Users Dangerous? Google+ Reviews

    I know this is a tiny, ridiculous data set but something tells me, and please feel free to disagree if you've witnessed something different, that my observations will apply across all of Google Local, making Plus users "dangerous", in my opinion. I use the word dangerous not to be inflammatory or sensational, but because I really believe that they have the most power, pound-for-pound, to shape the reputation of your local business and perhaps directly influence sales - for good or bad.

    See it on, via Google Places Optimization & Local SEO News

    Read the rest of this news here

    What do you guys think???
    Please add comments and questions below.
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    Re: Are Google Plus Users Dangerous? Google+ Reviews

    I just commented over at that SEOmoz post saying.

    I work a lot at the Google and Your Business forum and there are SOOOO many complaints about reviews right now. Mainly about reviews being deleted or not showing.

    But this is another complaint - the most helpful feature. I had not however thought about the bias toward G+ reviewers, so you make some good points.

    What do you guys think?
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    Re: Are Google Plus Users Dangerous? Google+ Reviews

    This is interesting.

    I have worked on increasing online reviews for a particular client, wanting to bury a few less than glowing ones and all seemed fine. We went from 9 to 15 and our score went from 23 to 26. Yet, one day when I looked at the GP pages, G Maps, one of the less than glowing reviews that HAD been buried had now resurfaced as numero uno, this time with the reviewer's name attached. And, the one thing I did notice was that despite it being left some 3 months ago, whoever left it had decided to leave another less than glowing review for another company, which caused her to have to "sign up" with the new G+L. My only hypothesis is that this brought her review for my client back to the forefront, though it still said 3 months old. It's age however, should not have made a difference since the default display was still "most helpful".

    For this particular client, the most recent review is at the top of the heap - and with the exception of one review, even with the default "most helpful" order all were arrange seemingly chronologically.

    That one exception, in looking at the reviews without arranging in chronicle order, was that one less than glowing review which is displayed above a later review while all the others seem to follow [beginning with latest] chronologically. When reordering using "latest" the only thing that changes is that one less than glowing review which drops in line after a prior review.

    Bottom line.. for this particular client, "most helpful" was for the most part the same as "latest".

    It might be interesting to note that if an older bad review resurfaces, to see if the reviewer has recently left another one somewhere - and all of their reviews are then brought back to the forefront for any place else they have left one in the past.


    As an aside... I did lose a review today for this particular client. And, thanks to Places Scout, I was able to determine it was one left back in 2010.
    Don Berthiaume
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