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    Service provider - Google plus business page merger

    I merged my google plus business page with my google places listing a month ago. I went through the verification steps and I was told I was going to receive a postcard. I never received the postcard. My google plus business page now says "verified" business even though I never entered the PIN. Here is my google plus business page listing https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/109839...26410479/posts Two days ago I came across an article stating not to verify a google plus business page with a place page if you are a service provider. Do I fall into the category where I should delete my google plus business page? If so should I start it back up again without verifying the business page? I'm really confused because when I do a local search for some of my services there is a mixture of local listings with "reviews" below the title and others that say "google+ page". All of these business are service providers however it doesn't look like they are hiding there address. I've attached a screen shot of what I am talking about. I think I started my google plus business page last summer and it was right around that time when my business places listing was put into a pending status. It was in this status for about 7 months before just recently (1 month ago) became active again. I did not verify the listing until a month ago...maybe a couple weeks after I realized my places listing became active again. So, I'm thinking google placed me in a pending status simply because I created a google plus business page, even though it wasn't verified. Sorry this was so long....any help would be appreciated. Thank you. EDIT: One more thing, is it an option for me to change my google places to "not hidden". It looks like a very very small percentage of service business "hide" there address and google isn't penalizing them at all....as shown below.
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