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    Post Let the Map Wars Begin TextLinkBrokers Blog

    Let the Map Wars Begin
    The battle for local-search supremacy is heating up. Google, once the only serious online option for businesses needing to promote themselves in their immediate neighborhood, is now facing a heavyweight challenge from Apple, with Microsoft and, reportedly, Amazon waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces.
    Read the rest of this story here.

    What do you guys think???
    Please add comments and questions below.
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    Re: Let the Map Wars Begin TextLinkBrokers Blog

    I had never really thought of Amazon potentially being part of the map wars BUT who is in a better position to really hit local hard, than Amazon?

    Here's another good quote from that post.

    Almost as a footnote, but one with serious implications, Amazon announced at the start of July 2012 that it had acquired UpNext, a 3D-mapping startup. This move, taken in context with reports suggesting that Amazon will develop its own smartphone at the end of 2012, leads industry commentators to expect Amazon Maps for smartphone and Kindle before long. To what extent this signals Amazon’s entry to the local search-advertising battle remains to be seen.
    And here is Amazon Local which right now is just a daily deals site.

    Just had an interesting thought. With Amazon being such a review powerhouse. What if they started featuring business listings and local reviews? Would that give G+ Local a run for their money?
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