SMBs sometimes don't realize you get what you pay for in SEO.
Wanted to share what you sometimes get when you buy CHEAP SEO.

This is some of the recent CHEAP SEO backlink spam that's been posted here at the Local Search Forum. It's HYSTERICAL if you read some of it. BUT can you believe people actually pay to have someone post this machine generated gibberish?

Do you want YOUR site promoted this way?
Careful who you hire!

My fav so far (seriously, just read this 1st one through)

big and tall seattle mariners

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This poor spammer does not realize the importance of related content around your links. He mixes wanting to be a soccer coach with a lesson in airline fees to sell Louis Vuitton ON A LOCAL SEARCH FORUM???

How does someone behoove a particular liveliness coach?

I what to end up being professional soccer coach and teacher once i reach adulthood. So how can i become soccer coach. Do i need to adopt any classes. In college do they need the course for who strive to be soccer coach or Soccer coach, NBA any sports. I don't know as long as they have classes in college, depends on where you decide to go I guess. There are classes beyond school that you look at get licensed to be a Louis Vuitton outlet coach. There are various levels of coaching, and the higher levels you go the longer the licensing classes are. In order to become a great coach you have to build your reputation as being a coach as you increase your licenses. There is absolutely no difference. Economy is the British expression; "Coach" is an Americanism. Different terminologies for exactly the same thing. man your poor, coach is a boost from economy. and ya got dollars to fly? actually they tie a string towards plane to an outdated western coach and pull your @$$ up to your destination. Difference between coach in addition to economy? None that I can imagine - I think distinct Louis Vuitton online airlines call it different things but as far as I know it's the same. terminology. coach is a log home. economy relates to that purchase restrictions (21day, 14 day advance pay for). Last time I tested, all economy seats come in the coach cabin, not in the1st class or business cabin. Your right, my question did possibly not give enough detail, so can't give immediately answer when question usually are not straight example. so i play offensive tackle in football. it it is my personal first year playing football, and i play highschool jv football Louis Vuitton Bags. im about 205 pounds and i want to know how to impress my coach. right now im 1 / 3 string. i want to at the least try to play second string by the end of the year, what can i do?
Silly spammers and the dumb businesses that hire them...