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Thread: G+ and Zagat

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    G+ and Zagat

    Hi Colan,

    Thank you for your quick reply

    Question #2: So for all intents and purposes, Google Places and its review option has been replaced by G+ and the Zagat rating system, correct?

    Being a long time Google Placer, I still have trouble wrapping my head around the switch to G+ as it seems that remnants of Google Places still exist.


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    Re: G+ and Zagat

    Hi Ray,

    I moved this to it's own thread so that it's not buried in your intro thread. It's an interesting topic.

    The Zagat rating system has indeed replaced the old star rating system that Google Places used. Rather unfortunately in a lot of people's opinion.

    Your not alone in trying to wrap your head around all of this. There is indeed still a Google Places. Basically, the back-end ie. the dashboard is still referred to as Google Places for Business. The front-end ie. the listings, are referred to as a G+ Local page.
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    Re: G+ and Zagat


    Essentially "Zagat" is just the new name for Google Places reviews. Why? Because Google bought Zagat Survey and thinks it sounds hip.

    So that's the first difference. The only other differences between the "new" (AKA Zagat) reviews and the Google Places reviews we know (and love?) are that (1) there's the annoying 30-point scale rather than the nice golden review stars, and (2) customers need to have a Google Plus page to leave a review, rather than just a Google account.

    Probably none of that was news to you, but hope it helps.

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