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    How to set up/monitor Google Places listing changes?

    Hi folks- I'm curious to know if there's an online service that monitors (and notifies) any changes to your Google Places listing.

    I signed up for Change Detect, but so far it's not working.

    I would like to get notified when a GP listing adds new content- including reviews, pictures, new data, etc.

    One problem I've noticed w/ Change Detect is that each day I get a notice that the page has changed, only to find out that nothing has changed- except the real-time office hours.

    Chris Ratchford
    Dental SEO & Websites

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    Re: How to set up/monitor Google Places listing changes?

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry, forgot to answer this yesterday. Page2Rss works if you have the old Place page link. Not sure if it works with the new + pages because they are https.

    I should say it sorta works. It works via RSS in Reader, or at least that's how I have mine set up. It's noisy like Change Detect in that it will report any change, so even if G puts a diff competitor at the bottom of your page it will trigger. And sometimes it's just weird code. But IF you get a new review or something DOES change in your data, you'll see it.

    I just skim and ignore the noise. So I like better than Change Detect because I don't have to click to open email. Just scan in my feedreader.
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