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    "Reviews From Around the Web" Showing Inaccurate Results?

    I've seen several Google+ Local listings showing "Reviews From Around the Web" with inaccurate results.

    For example, the link below shows that the City Search link has 6 reviews, but if you click on the link there are no reviews on the City Search listing:

    Steve Hall State Farm Insurance - About - Google+

    I've also seen this for a Merchant Circle link as well.

    Any thoughts? Google bug? Or are other sites taking after Google and Yelp's example and filtering out reviews?

    Unfortunately I can't confirm if the example I used actually did have 6 reviews on city search at any point.
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    Re: "Reviews From Around the Web" Showing Inaccurate Results?

    Thanks for reporting Colan. I don't have any listings that I've tracked accuracy of 3rd party reviews on, so can't really say what's up.

    Anyone else seeing a change or inconsistencies?
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: "Reviews From Around the Web" Showing Inaccurate Results?

    Yes, seeing the same thing with a childcare client, where Google reports a certain number of reviews at various 3rd party sites and the number of reviews is incorrect - and for one place there actually aren't any (CitySearch) - yet Google reports 4 reviews there.
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