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    Must Have Local SEO Tools

    Well, it's nothing different in the local world compared to regular organic or paid SEO. There are a million tools that promise you the world of success and most often, at an expense. Justifying which ones are worth the money and which aren't is usually a tough call. Finding genuine reviews and not shameless plugs for tools is hard to come by.

    So, I'm seeking genuine, unbiased, non-toot your own (or friends) horn feedback on the must have local SEO tools to help you and your clients. I've read Nyagoslav's e-book and he mentions a number of tools worth having. Of course, some come at a price. I was curious if there were others.

    I know there are tools that are beneficial and worth the money but I'm just getting started and trying to form a process and systematic approach to local SEO. Tools certainly help with that but only the right ones.

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    Re: Must Have Local SEO Tools

    :: SWEETIQ ::

    Fantastic tool for link building, tracking rankings and reviews. I highly recommend it.

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    Re: Must Have Local SEO Tools

    Luke, it depends what you are looking for a Local SEO tool to do. Ranking reports? Citation analysis, competitive analysis, lead gen???

    At the risk of mentioning since admittedly the owners of both companies are friends of mine, I'd recommend BrightLocal and Places Scout as Local SEO swiss army knife tools, that do all the above things I mentioned and more.

    And I'm not biased, those are the 2 primary tools most in local would recommend. Which would be better for your particular needs? You'd need to eval that for yourself. They have similar feature sets but do things differently.

    But there are lots of other tools that do specific things. Like Whitespark & Getlisted for various elements of citation-building.

    Check out our Local SEO Tools & Software forum for more.
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