Laura from Attaboy Plumbing alerted me to a new type of search result she spotted on Google.

Looks like some paid yellow page type listings are showing up in the SERPS.

Maybe it pays to pay to play???

"Indianapolis plumbers" Yellow page listings

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Looks like Google is showing the top 2 Yellow Page listings which appear to be paid listings.

Above is the search result Laura shared with me. So then I searched around to try to find other examples. Below is a Yellowbook listing that is the same type of result with their top 2 businesses showing in the SERPs. Interestingly though in this search even though there is a Yellow Pages listing above the Yellowbook listing, that YP listing does not have 2 local businesses showing, only YP does.

"Cincinnati plumbers" YellowBook Listings

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Again the top 2 listings from YellowBook are showing. Both paid, featured listings.

I assume both are using Local Business Schema, but I wonder if this could be an example of using the new Local Data Highlighter? Didn't have time to do a deep dive, but maybe someone can figure out if there is something in the code that's triggering these listings to show up in the Google search results?

Maybe this is just another Google test??? Or possibly this has been around and I just never noticed it?

What do you think?