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    Duplicating Home Page content in the description for new Dashboard

    The new dashboard allows for entering a lot of content into the description field. Is it a no no to copy and paste content from the Home Page (of the owner's website) into the description field?

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    Re: Duplicating Home Page content in the description for new Dashboard

    Google hates duplicate content on all levels. One example is that if a review is posted elsewhere, Google will filter it and not show it on the Place page.

    So I sure would not do it. Also be advised even though you are allowed much more room for description, I would not go crazy there and add too much content and would be careful about adding city there or anything that resembles KW stuffing.

    1) The goal is to give them the sizzle, not the steak - to get them to the web site.

    2) A long description pushes down the reviews and reviews are a big conversion factor.
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