Its getting so busy over here with so many hot topics and major Google local updates coming in every day that it's easy to miss great content. So once more I'll attempt to put the most important recent posts in a digest so you guys don't miss anything critical.

Latest Local SEO and Google+ Local News, Tips and Updates

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Google Local Carousel - OFFICIALLY Launched!

Google Local Carousel AKA Knowledge Graph Makes Website Extra Click Away

It's Coming... It's FREE... WAIT FOR IT!

Local Domination + Facebook Pages Rank High?

Google Maps Update - Shifts the Rankings, Impacts Local SEO

NAP Consistency - Local Data Cleanup and Management - Mary Bowling

Where Did The Google Local Troubleshooter Go?

Hot for Local! NEW Google Keyword Planner - KW Research by City

Gold Nuggets from LocalU Advanced - SMX Seattle

Uncle Sam Offers 4 Local SEO Tools?

How to optimize a Service Area Business

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