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    Google+ Business URL

    I have a claimed Google+ business page, and I currently run an AdWords Express campaign. I run the Express campaign as opposed to a regular AdWords campaign because the Express ad continues to show the 5 stars for reviews which I believe is an effective draw.

    Usually the Express ad lists my website URL in the second line. I have noted, however, that sometimes I get this:

    1. Dallas Disability Atty -‎

      The Others "ALSO" Do Disability- We "ONLY" Do Disability. Call Now!‎

    If I go to that URL,, I will get the Error 404 page. I love the idea of Google+ giving me that vanity url, but I suspect that it is not the case. An ideas Linda and community?

    Thank you

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    Re: Google+ Business URL

    That sounds like an Adwords Express problem.

    Go to this help doc:
    Click contact us, top right and there is a phone # to call.

    At least the part about them replacing your site URL with the G+ URL is their problem.

    The vanity URL problem is a different one. Does your regular G+ local link still work right?
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