UPDATE: The Local Search News section of the forum, now features news and tips from the leading Local Search blogs, like Mike Blumenthal's and Phil's Local Visibility System...

I created a bot that will import their feeds, so you can catch all the latest news all in one place - right here! (I'll be adding a few more feeds soon.)

And some of the news comes from my Google+ Local News channel at Scoop.it.

However I can't catch everything all the time, so if you find a helpful post or an important industry news story or blog post, please feel free to start a new thread and share it. FYI, if it's general post it here - but if it's more specific, let's say about reviews, then please post in that section of the forum.

(Note: sharing posts from your own blog is prohibited. So if important, please PM me & I'll post for you.)

We REALLY VALUE YOUR OPINION on the hot topics as they happen, so feel free to comment on any of the topics I post in this section as well!