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    Google Places Troubleshooter MOVED

    If you guys have tried using the troubleshooter recently, you may have noticed that the link we usually use for the troubleshooter takes us to a generic "support" page , found here:

    After a little bit of poking around though, we found that the same troubleshooter options can be accessed by clicking the "Contact Us" in the upper right hand corner of that page. (

    This slightly modified version of the troubleshooter will also offer a "Call Us" button at the top for even easier access to getting problems resolved.

    Credit to Steven Saldana for finding this!
    Last edited by Linda Buquet; 08-08-2013 at 03:26 PM. Reason: Moved from maps to dashboard issues forum.

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    Re: Google Places Troubleshooter MOVED

    Thanks much Matt. I've been telling folks that in various threads when issues come up they need troubleshooter or phone support, but I'm not sure if we have a thread dedicated to the topic.
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