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    In Search of The Purchased Google Review. Yours for $1.40 ea.

    Last night I went in search of the purchased Google review. I was curious what the high ranking results were for phrases like buy Google reviews and how much a review would cost. Far and away the most compelling was from the number 1 ranked exact match domain: Reviews started at $2 each when […] Related posts:
    1. The Review Economy – What is a Positive Review Worth? $3.22
    2. Google’s New Mobile Search Inadvertently Removes Review Button From Places Page
    3. Google Maps Review Policy in need of Review Rant!

    Read More at Mike Blumenthal's Blog...

    What do you guys think???

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    Re: In Search of The Purchased Google Review. Yours for $1.40 ea.

    Great to see Mike outing the fraudsters! It would be funny, too--dark humor, mind you--if these guys weren't (1) screwing over business owners, (2) polluting customer reviews as a useful information source for consumers and a marketing channel for businesses, and (3) doing it so cheaply that we honest brokers have yet another strike against us when business owners compare solutions.

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