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    Can't get bubble positioned


    I did your advanced map trick from course and just can't get the bubble to show in the center of the map on the clients website. I've tried everything. Also, an ad is now showing below the clients NAP in the bubble, making the bubble a lot bigger now which is one of the issues I think it's causing.

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    Re: Can't get bubble positioned

    Hi Mike,

    The advanced map trick is part of the secret sauce in my training that is NOT to be shared or discussed publicly and this is a public thread. So please don't say anything in any more detail.

    But I can discuss the general issue you are having.

    When you grab the embed code, Google gives you a preview of exactly what it will look like. THAT is where you make any adjustments. If their info bubble is not centered or is too high, you just move the map in that preview or zoom out or whatever you want. When the preview is the way you want it, THEN copy the embed code and that's exactly how it will look on the site.

    The ads on the info bubble. That's been around for a long time. No way to avoid the ads and that's not what's messing you up as the ad does not show in the bubble when you are grabbing the embed code.

    You just need to move the bubble in the Google preview window to get it like you want it.

    The screenshot and explanation in training is usually enough and I never get questions on that part.

    So closing thread. Please email if you still have questions.
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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