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    A problem with citation sources

    This news came out the other day. AOL's Patch Sales Leader Sent A Panicked Email - Business Insider

    It followed news by the head of AOL, which owns Patch that many local patch sites and firings would occur.

    Now here is the issue. Patch is a local citation source. Its financial and staffing situation is similar to that of Citygrid that owns several important citation sources. Citygrid fired most of its people. Afterwards it got more difficult to enter citation data into its sources.

    Frankly, most of the best known, most important citation sources are variations on YP's and IYP's, all of which have had financial issues.

    Unfortunately the google algo and its patent concerning local all reference directory sites as important sources for documented info on NAP.

    The problem is simply that these sources are universally having financial problems. This will reflect probably less effective and less access to "free" web directories.

    Its a growing issue. The directories themselves make no money from free access to their data bases, and changes etc end up using their resources.

    The whole issue though rolls back to google as google gives these directories weight with regard to the local algo, it relies on data from these directories to confirm accurate information.....and its possible the state of these directories is simply getting weaker.

    Not a good set of thoughts, IMHO.

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    Re: A problem with citation sources

    Thanks Dave, yes, interesting times.

    I heard the AOL CEO fire the creative director during their conference call. Heard it when I was listening to the radio. That was pretty crazy. Here is the audio. "Abel put that camera down. Abel you are fired, get out!"
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