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    Are people more likely to click on a local result or an organic result?

    I've heard two conflicting cases from two different people. One said that they were on the first page organically and barely getting and traffic. They said once they were transferred onto the local 7 pack, they started getting a ton of phone calls. The other guy said the complete opposite. I'm not sure what I should be aiming for for a local plumbing business. What do you think?

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    Re: Are people more likely to click on a local result or an organic result?

    Hi mqs1000,

    Linda teaches how to get both check out this excellent post from her,suspect it will help you


    All the best with your business.

    Your Brisbane Local SEO specialist. :D

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    Re: Are people more likely to click on a local result or an organic result?

    That is an interesting question. Does anyone have answers to that specific question?

    I've had sites with that phenomena: An organic listing above the PAC. I've had PAC rankings. And I've had sites with both.

    But i can't answer that specific question. I just don't measure that way.

    But I do have other results that address those issues: But I caution you as to trying to answer that question today. Way too many people are hitting on organic or local results while they are signed into their gmail accounts. That means that if I have an organic ranking above the pac and it hits the home page url....and then I have a PAC ranking (and call it 1st in the PAC and it hits the home page) too often I don't know what keywords they are using. Google is hiding it with not provided data.

    But historically I have interesting data.

    Its of this sort:

    With a #1 in ppc adwords, a #1 organic, and a #1 pac ranking...that site gets the lions share (the majority) of all the impressions for that phrase during testing periods.

    I don't care if they are hitting the PAC or the organic or even the adwords ad. If they are coming to the site than I have a shot at their business.

    When the rankings are not as dominant my percentages of visits from the impressions for a phrase drop...and sometimes drop dramatically.

    I will testify that it is worthwhile to be ABOVE the pac definitely. Is it better than being #1 in the PAC...that isn't something I can answer.

    I can reference it a different way though. For certain phrases for certain smb's I've had businesses that don't get into the PAC. I guess its a quirk or its a function of having some smbs that are in some areas where Google defines by geography who gets into the pac for a certain phrase or not. By example if you're a business in the NJ suburbs of Philly that services people from philadelphia you might not get into the PAC for search phrases that use the word philadelphia. Philadelphia locations might get into the PAC and locations in the PA suburbs of Philadelphia can get into the PAC before NJ locations do so. Best and possibly only opportunity there is to get above the PAC

    I wish I had a way to define between clicks on pac rankings vs clicks on organic. Does anyone have a method to do so?

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