2015 Local Citations Survey Results are In - 22 Leaders Share Insights

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012

Citations, citations, citations! Yes you need them and now you have the full scoop!

BrightLocal recently surveyed 22 of the top experts in local search to get their insights about the most important issues around local citations. The study was released last Thursday, but I was busy with the webinar so didn't have time to share until now.

Above is a gif I created with just a few of the key survey slides. Click over to read in detail.

<a href="http://www.brightlocal.com/2015/03/12/expert-citation-survey-2015/">Local Search Citation Survey 2015 - 22 Local SEO Experts Give Us Their Views</a>

Key 'Takeaways' From The Expert Citation Survey

55% say accurate citations are 'critical' to local search ranking
71% say quality of citations is more important than quantity
45% say you should update existing citations before building new ones
57% say that it is 'very important' to merge or delete duplicate citations
Local Gov sites are rated the highest unstructured citation sites (20%)

Citation survey participants include:

Myles Anderson ? <a href="#akron">Brightlocal.com</a>
Mary Bowling ? <a href="http://www.marybowling.com/">Marybowling.com</a>
Adam Dorfman ? <a href="http://www.simpartners.com/">Simpartners.com</a>
Susan Hallam ? <a href="http://www.hallaminternet.com/">Hallaminternet.com</a>
Joy Hawkins ? <a href="http://www.imprezziomarketing.com/">Imprezziomarketing.com</a>
David Kelly ? <a href="http://www.location3.com/">Location3.com</a>
David Mihm ? <a href="http://www.moz.com/">Moz.com</a>
Colan Nielsen ? <a href="http://www.imprezziomarketing.com/">Imprezziomarketing.com</a>
Mike Ramsey ? <a href="http://www.niftymarketing.com/">Niftymarketing.com</a>
Darren Shaw ? <a href="http://www.whitespark.ca/">Whitespark.ca</a>
Gyi Tsakalakis ? <a href="http://www.attorneysync.com/">Attorneysync.com</a>
<div class="col6 last">Dev Basu ? <a href="http://www.poweredbysearch.com/">Poweredbysearch.com</a>
Brian Coryat ? <a href="http://localmarketlaunch.com/">Localmarketlaunch.com</a>
Greg Gifford ? <a href="http://www.autorevo.com/">Autorevo.com</a>
Bill Hartzer ? <a href="https://globerunner.com">Globerunner.com</a>
Matthew Hunt ? <a href="http://www.poweredbysearch.com/">Poweredbysearch.com</a>
Casey Meraz ? <a href="http://www.ethicalseoconsulting.com/">Ethicalseoconsulting.com</a>
Max Minzer ? <a href="http://www.reengageconsulting.com/">Reengageconsulting.com</a>
Dave Oremland ? <a href="http://bartending-school.com%20">Pro Bartending School</a>
Phil Rozek ? <a href="http://www.localvisibilitysystem.com/">Localvisibilitysystem</a>
David Sprague ? <a href="http://www.realstrategic.com/">Realstrtegic.com</a>
Nyagoslav Zhekov ? <a href="http://www.whitespark.ca/">Whitespark.ca</a>

Head over to see the rest of the slides and read all the analysis.

Oh at the video of last weeks citation debate webinar is now live:
<a href="http://www.localsearchforum.com/insidelocal-webinars/28890-alternative-citation-strategies-debate-insidelocal-webinar.html">Alternative Citation Strategies Debate - InsideLocal Webinar</a>

What do you think???

Animated image capture of slides taken with "Screen to Gif" which I talked about here:
<a href="http://www.localsearchforum.com/google-local-reviews/29105-review-gif-share-their-best-google-reviews-gif-jiffy.html">Review Gif - Share their Best Google Reviews in a Gif in a Jiffy!</a>

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