24 Awesome Local SEO Tools That Will Help You Boost Your Results

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Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Here is a great list for your Local SEO tool chest


It's from one of our "Local Pros" and a loyal forum member, Tyson Downs.

24 Awesome Local SEO Tools That Will Help You Boost Your Results

A few quick tips before we begin: Google is continually and regularly updating their algorithm, which they use to determine who to show up in the search results. Did you know that there are over 200 factors that they use to determine who to show in search results?

This means you need to continuously educate yourself on what is going on in the world of search so that you don’t get left in the dust and have your competitors’ race past you, grabbing YOUR potential customers! Not fun to see your website traffic dip and your incoming calls decline.

Top rankings in Google and other search engines don’t ‘just happen’. They take a strategic, holistic approach, constant testing, and tweaking to methods, and continued education on the regular changes to Google’s Algorithm.

These tools won’t get you there by themselves. Before you dive into these tools, you need to make sure that you have a search engine friendly website, (meaning good On page SEO) a properly optimized Google Places profile (now called Google + Local), and reviews across the internet on strong, authoritative websites are all vitally important to your local online presence.
Great job Tyson and thanks for mentioning the forum as a resource!


Tyson Downs

Jul 29, 2013
Thanks Linda, I appreciate you sharing it. Hopefully with that post and the other one I saw with the great local SEO forums, we can get some more awesome experts in here that we can all learn from.
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