3 Storefronts how to get them grouped together as "other locations"?


May 5, 2020
Hey Guys, I have found a ton of good info on here, thank you! I have a client who has 3 verified GMB listing for different B&M store locations. Two of the locations are aged (2-3 years +) and the 3rd location is just under a year old.

  1. On the two older locations listings when I scroll past the reviews section there is an “Other locations for brand name” and shows the GMB listing for the other older store. The new store is left out on both and the new listing does not have “Other locations for brand name”. How can I link these properties together and have them show all store locations?

  2. The two older locations use “City, State abbreviation” for the “Store code” the 3rd uses a random number. Can I/should I change the 3rd locations Store code to follow suit?

  3. They have named their listing “Brand Name - City of Store Location”. I’ve read multiple views about this and local competitors with multiple storefronts are doing the same thing. Should I keep these designations and if I do, should I try to build new citations with the same “Brand Name - City” name?

  4. The company sells items at physical storefronts but offers delivery, service, and repair for surrounding areas. Is it good to list all of the surrounding areas as "service areas" should I do this all at once or a few locations at a time.

Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you!

Colan Nielsen

LocalU Faculty
Jul 19, 2012
  1. Could be due to the age of the third listing. Happy to take a look if you want to provide the details.
  2. Store codes are just for organizational purposes. Just use whatever works from that perspective.
  3. That would be keyword stuffing. Albeit, a mild form of it. It's likely helping a bit with relevance and ranking. Just keep in mind that Google may remove the descriptors at any time. I would keep the citations to the real-world name.
  4. Service areas don't impact ranking but can be useful information for potential customers. I would just list the main areas that you service. I'm sure you could do it all at once without any issues. Keep in mind that GMB edits are delayed right now.

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