Added 2 SAB listings and original local listing marker no longer showing in main serp


Feb 9, 2015
Sorry if this is the wrong forum or addressed somewhere else, any help is appreciated.

Summary -
Company had one places with visible address listing and we added 2 new SAB listings under a different account and now the map marker only shows in local searches.

Company had a places listing with visible address that showed a map marker with the business address under sitemap listings for searches on company name in the main results. It also showed a map listing on right.
This worked regardless of location of searcher.

We added 2 new SAB addresses in different states and now the original mapmarker under the company name search is gone unless I set location to the original city listing location.

Note: For a while, the newer listing map marker that was closer to me (both are thousands of miles from me ), was showing, now I don't see any in default search.

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