Additional phone numbers not displaying on G Listing

Adzzup Inc

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Oct 11, 2013
Hello everyone.

Over the last few weeks we have noticed more and more of our clients' additional phone numbers being removed from their Google listings. We have reporting systems that notify us when our client's do not receive calls in 7 or more days. When reviewing these accounts, we've noticed that the secondary phone numbers are now missing.
Note, we do use tracking numbers for our clients. Up until this point we haven't had an issue with our numbers displaying.

Has anyone else been experiencing this issue? Is this a bug, or has Google made a change to when/how they display additional phone numbers?

For example, here is a link one of the listings that is experiencing this problem. As you can see, only the primary is displaying.

Here are some screenshots showing that our Places dashboard and Map Maker have both numbers listed.


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