All Regus Offices Prohibited on Google+ Local? New Policy?


Sep 4, 2012
Some folks are just looking for an excuse to be a victim. Thanks for sharing the info. I have a number of clients that work from home and we've tried alternative addresses that didn't work. It's even harder when the company is MULTIPLE people all working from their homes around an area. Are there any tried and true ways to list either type of service based business? And make the other citations correct as well? Seems like so many variables for something that should be cut and dry :) Oh, wait, I'm talking about Google . . .LOL

Lloyd Silver

Jul 21, 2014
I actually thing there are 3 levels when it comes to Regus type locations:

1. Use as mailing address: Not allowed, period.

2. Fully staffed throughout stated business hours: Allowed, but burden of proof likely on the business to prove they are real. Photos, videos, business view, events at the location, etc. Anything that can be done so that if it's ever flagged there's at least some "proof" that it's legitimate. No need to be a service area business, display the address. Although there might be issues because of a shared address, which is a whole other matter. But from Google's perspective, there should be no difference between this type of arrangement and one where you have your own fully dedicated office.

3. Staffed part-time by real employees: Very grey. If it's staffed only be the virtual office employees than that's just a mailing address. But if they are staffed by real employees with a dedicated office available permanently (not a shared office), although not full-time, the listing should be allowed as a service area business. It's a legitimate business but they don't meet the criteria of being staffed always during normal business hours.

I always tell people to not let marketing decisions drive business decisions. If it makes sense for your business to be in Regus, then be in Regus. We'll do our best from a marketing perspective. Maybe we need to put more emphasis on ads, or organic. No problem.

And thanks for the amusing read in the history of this thread. Geez.


Apr 2, 2014
Thanks for the advice Eric. This is an HR Consultant and using their home address might be a tough sell, even if we showed it as a service area. Still have the issue of other directories that don't offer the service area option.

They are talking about moving their location now that I brought up this issue. Let's hope that happens soon.
You can try removing the suite # in the business listing itself in the google business listing. If upon saving it says you will need to PIN verify this listing again just cancel, if it doesn't boom you are no longer associated with that suite #. Worth a shot unless they actually get traffic in there which it doesn't sound like they do.


Aug 23, 2012
What about other directories?

If your clients want virtual offices anyway, how do you pros handle citation building for those virtual offices in other directories like Yelp, YP, etc., where there is traffic and they could get business? Carry on as normal?


LocalU Faculty
Aug 9, 2012
Hi Kathy,

Yes, I'd just carry on as normal. I don't think they'll actually get walk-in traffic.

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